When I began to make photographs largely outside, in what would become the ongoing body of work Encounters, I also started to photograph my family, mostly in the intimacy of familiar spaces. 

My mother and stepfather, newly retired and adjusting to their new roles as constant companions. My grandfather, having to contend with the onset of senility and the ever-growing dependence on others for his needs. My brother, too, and his family—I’ve drawn closer to them all. I observe the quiet, ordinary and intimate moments, where not much happens, and too the seismic shifts and ruptures, such as the loss of my father and grandfather. 

The third decade into a first-generation Belarusian-American life, in this process of drawing closer to family, I've discovered the significance of cultural heritage. Much like relationships, it too needs to be nurtured in order for me to feel whole.

My brother
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